Traffic Collision

Traffic Collision

Date added: 08/08/2019

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Traffic Collision is a thrilling highway games which is playable here on pbs play now. Step on the wheel and strap your seat-belt! Floor the pedal and start dashing your way through the busy streets in this fast-paced racing / driving game – Traffic Collision! Evade other cars and avoid getting damaged. Collect nitro fuel and time boosters to continue driving!

In this game at, your goal is to travel as far as you can with only a limited time. The game starts with only less than a minute for you to drive on. After every 5,000 yards you will be rewarded with another 30 seconds time extension. Collecting clock powerups will give you an additional 5 seconds. Fuel tank shaped powerups will refill your nitro boosters to full. Avoid getting too damaged or you’ll crash and the game will end.

After this game, why don't you take the time to play other cool new games such as Driving Force 3 and Unfair Stunt? There is no need to leave the house yet you can still have fun! 

Game controls:

A and D or left and right arrow keys to steer

W or up arrow key for nitro.

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