Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter

Date added: 20/08/2019

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Thumb Fighter is an awesome arcade game based on the traditional schoolyard game of thumb wars which is playable here on pbs amazing games! This dual control 2 player title allows you to fight against your friends and family in intense and brutal thumb wars. Choose your thumb costume and prepare for battle! 

Get ready for the bestest thumb fight ever! At, you can play the hilarious Thumb Fighter against another human or you try to beat yourself. Once you have chosen your character you can start fighting - player one uses the A key to control their thumb, and player two uses the L key. You must use your attack key to try and smash your opponent or try and pin down their thumb – keep a close watch on your stamina bar and ensure it doesn’t deplete! The battles are fun and the different thumb costumes are hilarious too – can you prevail in the thumb wars?

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Game controls:

Player 1: Use A to Attack

Player 2: Use L to Attack 

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