Sum Tracks 2

Sum Tracks 2

Date added: 11/06/2019

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Sum Tracks 2 is a math puzzle game which is playable on kids games pbs. It's time to show your math skills! Drag the gray tiles over a sequence of math operations so that it value reaches zero. The goal of the game is to move square blocks on top of the path and add the number written on top of the circle until the square block reaches the value 0. The game concept is pretty simple, but what if there are multiple paths that cross over each other? Will you be able to solve all levels?

Add, subract, multiply, and divide! Drag the block over the circles and add the numbers as you go in this cool yet tricky math puzzle game at! Find the path that the block will take to make its number value zero! Eighty levels of arithmetic fun are waiting for you.

What are you waiting for without unlocking all levels and joining new games similar to this game like 8192 and Maths Smashers. Our game world is constantly being open and you will love your game. 

Game controls:

Use the mouse to navigate

LMB to Select / Interact

U / Space / Back Space to Undo last move

R / Enter to Reset level

Esc to Return to Menu

M / S to Toggle Music and Sound

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