Skull Kid

Skull Kid

Date added: 03/04/2019

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Skull Kid is a multi-level game that you can play here on pbs games for school. Walk around the office as the psycho and merciless Skull Kid and destroy everything and everyone in your way. Use deadly weapons such as chainsaws and firearms. Your goal is to walk all the way to the exit door and get to the next level without getting killed by the office workers. Have fun!

As there are multiple levels, the goal and the choice of weapon is completely different in each level. For example, the weapon of choice in level 1 is Chainsaw. whereas in level 2, your weapon is a gun. 

Furthermore, you can change the quality of the game at any time you want. Press 1 for low quality, 2 for medium quality, 3 for high quality and 4 for Smart quality. Also, you can stop the game music by pressing "S".

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Game controls:

Use the Arrow keys to move right / left

Use Space bar to shoot / us

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