Reach The Core

Reach The Core

Date added: 09/04/2019

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Reach The Core is an addictive mining game that you can play here on pbs adventure game. In this game, two robots were traveling through the vastness of space when suddenly they ran out of energy for their ship. Suddenly they run out of energy. Fortunately, the nearby planet contains plasma that is used for the ship’s fuel. The plasma is located on the planet’s core and your goal is to dig it out using a drill drone. Upgrade your drone to become faster, more powerful, and more efficient.

Drill the core of a nearby planet and harvest a significant plasma supply to continue your space journey. Mine resources and recover lost technology! Avoid the creatures that lurk underground and look for precious gems to upgrade your ship! suggest gaming tips and movement skills so that players can complete this exciting journey with the most basic skills. In addition, you can also expand the game world with other special games on the same list with this new game like LEGO Avengers Iron Man and G-switch 3. Each game will be a repeating world. and you're opening the content one after another. 

Game controls:

Use the Arrow keys to control Miner

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