Panda Pop

Panda Pop

Date added: 30/07/2019

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Panda Pop is a very interesting match-3 puzzle game which is playable on pbs games play online. Blast through each puzzle and harness the power of the magic witch elements to help you in your free Panda Pop puzzle quest. In this animal bubble shooter saga you will have to aim, match, switch and combine line colors and target your shoot against every jelly ball in this panda bubble blast challenge with different difficulty levels!

In this game at, you will control the mother panda to shoot the ball from the bottom up to create at least 3 balls of the same color to make them disappear from the screen. Players note, your priority task is to rescue baby pandas, not merely win points. In addition, you only have 5 networks per game and if the number of lives is gone but the mother panda still has balls to shoot, you still fail.

You can replay any level if you want to practice your skills and earn extra points. However, the number of turns will be less than 5.

When all baby pandas are rescued in a game screen, you will be transferred to the new stage. Depending on the number of balls left by the mother panda, you will receive an additional amount of certain bonus points.

Besides the elaborate gameplay, a variety of point of views and 3D graphics will create the most realistic experience for the fans of adventure games. Plenty of newly added options such as Puppy Blast and Water Me Please also have the best features and characters, so check them out! 

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