Mickey Mouse Math Quiz

Mickey Mouse Math Quiz

Date added: 19/02/2019

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Mickey Mouse Math Quiz is a new game for girls and boys appeared in pbs games for kids. The game offers you the possibility to choose the lvel of dificulty that you want to playm depending on how adanved do you think you are in math. After you chose the level the calculations will be offered and also will be the answer. After you analyze them you will have to click on False or True, depending on which it the answer. Have fun in this new game! 

Here, you must use the mouse to select the answer you think is correct. The first questions from the quiz are easy but as your progress in higher levels they will be more difficult and you have to be fast, to think fast, to successfully complete the quiz, to obtain a good mark at the test. 

Also you can leave us a comment in which you can tell us what mark have you get on the math test with Mickey Mouse. At the top of the screen is an exercise of math and you have to say if it's true or false. If your answer is correct you will get points. Try to answer the question quickly because every one is on time. If you don`t answer before the time runs out you will lose points. Mickey Mouse is in the right side of the screen.

Hope you love this game and if you want to play other similar games, you can try Merge Ten and Math Buzz. Check out at our site http://www.pbskidsgames.games/ and you can find many other interesting types of games. Enjoy your time!

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