Grow Nano

Grow Nano

Date added: 27/03/2019

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Grow Nano is an addictive puzzle game that you can play here on pbs for fun games. In this sequel of the Grow Series, your task is to heal the sick boy. Pick the panels in your selected order to make them grow and affect each other. Nano nano?

How does a man heal up? He got sick and he is very weak. Can't even move his arms. So that you need to move instead and be patient and heal him. Ensure that he will have everything he needs; a bed, some food, heating and care. Heal him up! Given that Grow Nano requires quick and accurate clicking, that leaves me out of everything but the earliest stage of the game. But Eyemaze has come up with so many great games that I'm going to assume this one's worth play and link to it. are constantly updating the latest games for participating online game players worldwide. You can start exploring similar games with this game like Duck: Think Outside the Flock and Glowit – Two Players. Save your favorite game list and share with friends if you have overcome them. 

Game controls:

Use the mouse to play this game

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