Excite Bike

Excite Bike

Date added: 23/08/2019

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Excite Bike is the famous classic bike racing game which is playable here on pbs Games for school. Instead of racing, you ride a bike killing people and fellow riders on the track. The objective is to run over as many people as you can instead of avoiding them. 

The player may choose to race solo or against computer-assisted riders. In both modes the time is limited. In any race 8 seconds is the best time ahead of 3d place. For the first place the time to beat is on the stadium walls, and for the third place it is in the lower corner. There are 5 tracks with a lot of long straights, large jumps and other obstacles.

Also at https://www.pbskidsgames.games/, there is Design mode, where the player is able to build his/her own tracks, placing jumps and obstacles that can be of different shapes and sizes. The player can decide how many laps each one will have (up to nine). And after it is finished the player can compete and see how the track fairs in the race, choosing between the first two modes.

Many other exciting games are waiting for you to answer similar to this game such as Bike Blast and Car Transport Truck Simulator. Start your new journey with your favorite game list you already get. 

Game controls:

Z to do normal accelerate

X to do turbo accelerate

Up and down arrow to change lane

Left and right arrow to tilt

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