Escape from l33T

Escape from l33T

Date added: 19/04/2019

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Escape from l33T is a fun puzzle game which you can play with many players. In this newly developed pbs online, you will control a cute character and your task is to find a way to escape the building. Beware of deadly traps, assassins and other things that may take your life. Good luck!

When you enter the game, you will appear in a room with a person hanging. You need to click on any object in the game screen to find a way out of the building. If you click on the window, you will jump down and die. If you click on the stairs, you will go up to the rooftop and you will die of being shot. But if you click on the door, you will go out of the room and continue the game. However, each object will give you different results and situations. Fortunately, you can play again if you die.

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Game controls:

Use the mouse to interact.

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