Cupcake Empire 2

Cupcake Empire 2

Date added: 03/05/2019

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Cupcake Empire 2 is back for more cupcake goodness! Keep clicking on the cupcake so you can buy and upgrade your cupcake business. Here at pbs game for girls, simply click and gather cupcakes to make cash that you can use on your company. Get and improve bakery provides as you have to pay taxes once a week. Have a good time!! 

Do you wanna be a cupcake business owner and become a millionaire? This game at is all yours. Begin your game by baking your own cupcakes just by tapping on the screen. Invest cupcakes to buy bakeries and other facilities which will in return increase your productivity. Earn money to buy your dreams like owning cars and houses. Pay your taxes on time to avoid penalties. Enjoy!

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Game controls:

Use the mouse to click on the burn to generate scrumptious

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