Chaos Faction 2

Chaos Faction 2

Date added: 29/03/2019

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Chaos Faction 2 is a fun all-out fighting game that you can play here on pbs jogos free. Knock out your opponents with basic moves or with advanced combos to ensure victory. Your goal in Chaos Faction 2 is to fulfill various missions in which you have get rid of hordes of increasingly mean enemies at all costs. How long can you withstand the attacks? Much fun!

Special weapons and items are also acquired from craters that you can use to dominate the battlefield. New characters, weapons, and missions are included in the campaign mode with raised level of difficulty than the first game for a more challenging experience. The game features three modes: Campaign, Deathmatch, and Survival. New characters can be unlocked as you progress in the Campaign mode.

So, it suits all ages, from kids to adult. If you are finding a simple and relaxing game, then give it a try. Conquer other games with different gameplay on such as Clash of Cakes and Grow Nano

Game controls:

Use the Arrow keys t Move / Jump / Shield

Z / X to Attack

D to Drop Weapon

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