Bridge Builder

Bridge Builder

Date added: 02/04/2019

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Bridge Builder is a building game that you can play here on pbs games for kids! You need to build a strong and steady bridge to be able to sustain the truck's weight. Do the math and calculate the best possible construction model to build the bridge. 

In each level, you are given a certain amount of money; use the money wisely and efficiently. You will have to carefully place supporting beams where you can to create something that is safe for public consumption. Beat the game's puzzle and show the laws of physics who's boss! Can you beat all the levels? also constantly update new games similar to this game and you are ready to explore with special skills. If you are looking for a relaxing choice, don't hesitate to play this IO game now! Other colorful games have been updated for you too such as Gold Digger FRVR and Galaxy Force

Game controls:

Left click to choose materials and drag left mouse button to draw the bridge.

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